Monday, October 25, 2010

Some MEA weekend crafts!

This past weekend my mom and Patty came up to visit.  We enjoyed some relaxing crafts and Halloween movies on TV.  The kids got to paint!  I rarely let them do that, so they were very excited.  I had a few things in mind I wanted to do.  Some pumpkins made of scrap wood, jewelery making, knitting, and finally figure out my sewing machine that just sits and collects dust!  I am glad to say we accomplished it all:)  Oh, the knitting isn't completely finished but we got a start.

 The link above is where I saw the idea for pumpkins.  With my dad building his cabin we have lots of scrap wood around.  What I had in mind and how the pumpkins turned out weren't the same....thanks to the kids.  They just HAD to help and had a mind of their own on how the pumpkins should look!  They turned out cute none the less!
 The blocks of wood painted by the kids.  When the paint was dry they thought jack o lantern faces needed to be painted on.
 Travis and Ella took the blocks out to the garage to drill holes on top.  Ella found sticks outside for the holes.  Karla and Patty then went on to spruce them up a bit.

A few that didn't get faces.

Onto knitting.
It has been my personal goal to learn knitting.  This summer I sat down with a book and figured it out.  Anthony's school has also been teaching the upper grades to knit(part of a home ec course).  I have been going into school once a week to help out where I can and learn some more about knitting. 
While we watched some good classic Halloween movies and waited for paint to dry we worked on some scarves.




My jewelery Patty help me make.  One more Christmas present is done! 

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Nothing exciting to show with the sewing machine.  I figured out how to do some pretty basic stuff that I am sure you all know how to do.  We also got a space set up for me to work at.  I was ordered to practice everyday. Now to find a project that's EASY for a beginner to work on.  Until then I will organize my area better.

Overall we had a productive weekend.  It was fun!

~**Reminder to all**~  This blog is for everyone!  Please share a project, idea, recipe, or whatever! 

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  1. It was a great weekend with the Holderbeckers and Bob and Karla, oh, yes, and all the dogs.
    Thank you Emily and Travis and kids for the fun time!!!!



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