Wednesday, October 6, 2010


My tomatoes never did ripen on the vine.  In my three years of growing tomatoes they never have for me.  I'll fix that one of these years.  I had beautiful plants this year.  It was a wonderful summer for them.  I picked bags and bags and bags of green tomatoes.  What is on my table in the picture is just a small portion of what I picked.  This fall I have canned 36 quarts of salsa.  We ran out in March last year, didn't want that to happen again.  My personal favorite recipe is a pouch of Mrs. Wages.  I like it, and its super easy.  The packets in my photo are my last I have on hand.  Spaghetti sauce is next!
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  1. All I can say is WOW...fabulous. Would love to try some of your salsa and spaghetti sauce.. Perhaps I can when I come for a visit?

  2. When are you coming? I still have some bags of green/yellow tomatoes so I bet we could make a few batches for you!

  3. Karla said something about MEA weekend?



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