Friday, November 12, 2010

Tile Stamping

Tile that Paige made in school.
(sorry for the not so great picture)

On Thursdays I go into school and help out.  Mainly we are trying to teach home EC to the older students.  Someone else is there to do art with the younger kids.  Yesterday we did a project with all the kids.  It was tile stamping.  I have never seen this before, and  thought it was a pretty cool.  You use regular tiles(with a matte finish), rubber stamps, stamp ink, permanent markers, and a glaze for the finished product.  You also glue some felt on the back so that it doesn't scratch your table or wall.  We kept it pretty simple with the kids.  After looking online you can get creative with the coloring by blending and layering colors.

Below is a picture I found online of some tile stamping(I love my 6 yr olds tile but I am sure the rest of you would like to see a "real" one :)

A few links to give you better instructions.  When searched on google I did get lots of hits. 
One piece of advice I can give is the tile needs to be smooth for the picture to stamp on well.


  1. Love the tiles!!
    Lefse making was fun. Karla will get pictures to you in a few days. We had to use Grandmas camera and didn't have the cord.

  2. What a great idea. The school is so fortunate for all the family interaction and assistance. Looks like a great Grandma gift. !!!!!!!!!!!!! love



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