Friday, December 31, 2010

Princess bed skirt

What do you do with yards and I mean YARDS of tulle your mom saved from your wedding that happened NINE years ago?
You make a princess bed skirt for that little princess in your life of course.

      We gathered the Tulle by hand, mostly because we were in a blizzard and didn't have any other commitments.

We stitched our tightly gathered tulle to an existing dust ruffle (what a time saver). 

The older girls weren't too sure about our project.   They are "cool" and right now for them cool means camo !  But when we had the dust ruffle on they thought it was COOL!    So we tulled along the ceiling, all around the room.    And when everyone left Grandma alone, I added bows, (: !!!!!!    We still have tulle!   Anymore suggestions.    By the way our little princess is too proud of her room.      

~Emily and Karla

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