Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crepe Paper Flowers

I was blog hopping this morning.  Hey, what else does someone do when it's so cold?  You can only clean so much : )  It's fun to see other people's projects...find some ideas of your own....give you a project  to do. 

The crepe paper flowers caught my eye.  Probably cause they were shown on a valentine box.  I love making valentine boxes!  In the past month I have made sure to save any shoe boxes or oatmeal containers we have used.  I am not sure if the older kids will need some for school, but if not the little kids and I have a afternoon craft project at least!

They were super easy to make.  Find a few different colors of party streamers.  Cut about a foot from each.  Sew a gathering stitch down the middle(I did it by hand, it didn't take long at all).  Then fold the streamer in half at the stitch.  Roll into circle.  I then glued it on a piece of paper.  When the kids get around to making their valentine boxes they can glue the flower on to it.

Here is the blog I found the idea at Today's Fabulous Finds

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