Friday, February 11, 2011

Flea Market Gardens 2011

Karla claims this magazine is a must have!  She picked it up at the local grocery store.  It's a premier edition to Country Almanac.  It has some really fun ideas.  I have read that its on the pricier side, costing $10, but has hardly any advertising, just wonderful garden junk information!
She says there are some articles on fairy gardens.  That sounds like a fun way to get the kids involved.  I haven't seen too much on these.  However, it is something I have been hearing more of. 
Here is a link I found of another blog raving about how good this magazine is!

Some of you are a step ahead of the trend.  Can we get a prediction what the new trend will be.  I did see in this magazine they showed some glass totems.  Well, we did that last summer!  I love it! 


  1. That's according to Karla! I have yet to look at the magazine.

  2. I picked up a copy, and YES! Fairy gardens..
    really cute ideas.

  3. Karla and I had already made plans to start Fairy Gardens before the magazine. Can you believe it. What a way to get the girls involved. We are on a mission to find trinkets for the fairies!!!!

  4. I was thinking maybe fariy gardens were the next thing!

  5. The fairy gardens sound interesting. I hope someone posts pictures when they get done. What kind of trinkets do fairies like? Maybe a Leprechaun garden would be nice in March. I think I will stay anonymous since I don't know what else to call myself. (Gramma Lois)



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