Friday, March 18, 2011

Maple Syrup-Boil down process

We have started to boil down the sap.  The trees aren't flowing as much as we thought they would by now.  That's ok though, all in due time.  We have still collected quite a bit of sap.  It's probably for the best it didn't start out so fast for us.  This gives up some time to figure it all out!
This is our boiling down station this year.  Project for next year will be to build a brick wood stove of some sort.
The big plastic jug is for the back of the 4-wheeler.  The thought was to drive around and pour the sap from the bags into this.  Well, there is too much snow for that right now.  The smaller plastic jugs in the bottom shelf are recycled fryer oil containers from Burger King.  They have been pouring the sap into them for now.  They are about 3 gallons and don't get too heavy to carry.  When they do, they pour the sap into the larger container. 

 More photos on the Maple Syrup Page

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