Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fun finds this weekend!

The rug used as the backdrop was also a fine.  The lady said she collected the rags and sent them away to someone in Minnesota who made them into rugs.  Cool.

Blue glass jar's top is a music box.

The girls and I went to a poultry showing workshop.  Yes, you read that right a class that tought us how to show chickens.  Anyway they mentioned a few items that are handy to have on hand during the fair and a storage container was nice to store them in.  When we were out on our rummage hunts I had some sort of old tool box in mind.  This will be perfect!


  1. Frogs, owls, potato mashers, FUN STUFF!!! The old lunch bucket will be repurposed with paint etc into the girls' 4H chicken kit.

  2. Lunch bucket has started transformation and owls are almost done. I tried an owl on the wall before the 2nd coat and it is too cool! and WOW google makes it hard to post a comment.



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