Sunday, July 17, 2011

Making corners of my world corner at a time.

My mom came up this week.  Know what that means?  Project time!  I am really awesome at coming up with projects to do(don't believe me?  ask Travis).  The hard part for me is executing them.  Not sure why...I could probably come up with six or seven good excuses though. 
The project we worked on this week was a corner of my closet.  A few months ago I had come home, and was taking off my jewelery I had worn that day.  I was appalled at what my "jewelery" drawer had become.

**WARNING: You are about to see a VERY sad, horrific drawer!**

I feel so exposed. 

This next photo shows the entrance to our closet.  The corner I decided should become pretty for my pretty things.

So I told my mom about this idea.  She started collecting stuff for it.  This week we finally got to work on it!

Just a few things she had found.  We just sprayed everything with white.

We were lucky to get this done at the beginning of the week before the HOT AND HUMIDITY came.

The closet has yet to be painted.  I have had more important things to do in the last five years than paint my closet, ok.  I picked a light blue.  The paint chip called it "cloudy blue".  I should mention here I love shabby chic cottage look.  So while shelves and mirrors dried we also painted.

(its still white here)

Awesome place to keep my jewelery sorted and display all the pretty stuff!

OK, how awesome is this little guy?!?  Found at goodwill by my mom.  {LOVE IT!}


 There you have it....we did all that along with LOTS of other things this week.  I really wasn't sure we'd pull it off.  I am happy we did.  I have a few little pieces I need to add yet, but the main project is done. 
What to do next..........
Click link for more pictures after I added a few more items!

Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special

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  1. Need to mention we scored the covered cooker at a garage sale for $8. LOVE your additions and how you have filled it up with all your pretty things. We used a tension rod to hold the scarfs, with the future addition of s hooks could also hang a purse or two. LOVE that you LOVE IT. (mom)

  2. What a great accomplishment. Love it.

  3. Nice organization!

    Thank you for for sharing at Potpourri Friday. I wish you a healthy, prosperous and sparkling New Year!



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