Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Creating Craft {Monsters}....MUHAHAHAHAHA!

We had a fun fall get together this weekend!!!  We managed to squeeze quite a few projects into our impromptu party. 

The "big" kids made flowers out of felt wool and used old t-shirts to make more flowers and bracelets.

The young kids made owls out of pine cones and origami bats.

Then the best part {cupcakes}!  We had a small cupcake station set up for the kids.  A few even made owls out of their cupcakes! 

Owl Pine cones

Our owl family!

Collect the tops of acorns.

Find some pine cones.

Glue a pom pom to the top of the pine cone.

Glue the acorn tops to the pom pom.

Cut out small beak like and ear like triangles.  Glue in appropriate places.

An Owl 100% made by a kid!

Origami Bats

Here is the link for directions on how to make the bat.

I tried to take pictures, I tried to fold, and then I tried a different craft.  It wasn't finding my origami mojo that day.  Rest assured though the kids picked up wonderfully!!

Bat Family

Owl Cupcakes

What a fun and really quick way to spruce up some cupcakes!

Gather some oreos, candy corn, and chocolate chips (or m&ms)

The cupcakes.

Frost the cupcakes, add the other stuff, and there you have it!

An {Owl}

Love this one by Mauren.


We all enjoyed ourselves I'd say.  In between crafting stations the kids got to play outside in huge, {HUGE} leaf piles!  The "big" kids did their crafts.  We ate some sloppy joes.
Yes, it was a {GOOD} day!

**********disclaimer:  These crafts were done by kids ranging from age 4 to age 9.  They all did very well at them and seemed to enjoy themselves.**********

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