Friday, October 21, 2011

DiY {Marketstand}

Now that the kids have a playroom I wanted to give them something that would be awesome fun to play with.  My kids LOVE to play act(which btw I love that they LOVE to play act!).  We have a kitchen set, it's a nice one that has held it's own over the years and the kids.  So a new kitchen didn't seem necessary.  I went down to their oh so cool playroom to watch them play and they were playing store....and I thought you know they like to play "store" a lot.  A Marketstand came to mind then.  I went to my mom and said "Hey grandma, can you get the kids a toy market stand for Christmas"?  Her response was "Can't we make one"?  Ahh ok, so the search began for DIY Marketstands.  What do you know the first hit I clicked on was a WINNER!!


And I had room to do it!!! 
With the help of my dad we got a material list made(they used shelves from ikea.  I am in the boondocks, there was no ikea trip in my near future.)
Travis looked at the list and figured what we already had in the shed.

Ooooo, it was going to happen!

Then my awesome husband was picking up some unused shelves at his friend's warehouse.  When he saw a small display shelf used(the kind you would see in a grocery store).  The light bulb went off in his head and he asked if he could have. 
He comes home and we get it assembled.

Yeah, so don't mind my awesome photo shoot of the shelf. I wasn't quite thinking there. But there it is THE shelf.

 To liven it the stand up I went thru my leftover paints and found this blue that was used in the playroom.

I also have smoe chalkboard paint from another project.  That makes the perfect sign!

I did end up painting some stripes across the top.  Seems like a market stand has to have stripes.

And there she is!

I added a few toys the kids already had, a few garden pumpkins for fun, and some metal baskets I had.  The crate is from clementines I bought last winter(which btw make great gift baskets which is why I kept it in the first place : ) 

Flour sack was an estate sale find.....50 cents I believe : )

There is more I would like to do to the stand.  Make it a little more versatile with some of the other ways the kids like to play.  They love to put on web shows  theater.  A tension rod fits perfectly up by the sign.  With {the} right curtains they could quickly change this market stand into a theater or it could be the window to their "house" or even a "computer screen" for their web show. 


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  1. That is just adorable, I bet the kids love it. I can see making one of these from old pallets..super cheap!

  2. How fun!! Your kids are blessed with you and your hubby as parents. They must love this!

  3. How cool!

    My girls would go nuts...


  4. So cute! Love the color you chose.

  5. This looks amazing-I'm your newest follower-stop by for a visit!

  6. Hi!
    Love the cash register! Please tell me where you got it from! Thank you!



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