Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The girls are laying!  

They call this the Easter Egg/Aracuna/Ameraucana Chicken.   She is responsible for our blue/green eggs!

Brown and White Egg Layers.  Really, the inside of the brown and white eggs looks and tastes the same.  These white eggs still have a rich golden yolk.  Way different than your store bought white eggs.

Nothing better than farm fresh eggs!

*Special side note:  Egg sign has meaning! 



  1. We received 15 buff orpingtons the day after Easter this year. They are still not laying any eggs. I feed them egg maker pellets, kitchen scraps, and lots of water. This is the first time I have have ever had hens not laying eggs...

  2. Isn't it exciting when they first start laying? I have one Sexlink that is still not laying. The rest have been laying for a couple of months. Can chickens be sterile? I don't know. She has until the last week of November (when or last batch should start laying), then we'll cull her and a couple RIRs that aren't laying as well.



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