Saturday, October 29, 2011

{Upcycled} T-shirt Bracelets

What to do with all those old shirts?
Make some bracelets! (and lots and lots of other things I am finding!)

This was a simple project that requires some creativity.  Don't over think it, have fun with it!
Find a old shirt you wouldn't mind wearing around your wrist.
(T-shirts with no seam down the sides do work the best.)

Lay the t-shirt flat. 

Cut about a 1 1/2" strip across the width of the shirt.

Take your strip and pull it by both ends and stretch.
Below is what the strip should now look like.

Twist and wrap the strip around your wrist to fit it.

Fun part!  Collect or find old belt buckles or other similar pieces to fashion up your bracelet.

String the strip thru the buckle.

String it thru one more time.

Put the bracelet back on your wrist and move and stretch and fiddle to finish it off.
I was left with loops on both sides.  I was able to put the loops over the buckle to secure.

There you have it.
{Upcycled} Bracelet
That shouldn't have to cost you a dime!

A few more bracelets along with flowers made out of old shirts too(that post will be coming soon!).



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  1. Wow this is super easy but very cute! Love it! Great job :)

    If Work Permits



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