Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wreath Redux.

Creating Somethings Out of Bits o' Nothings

I've been crafting lately...if you count cardboard santa hats, toilet paper tube reindeer, tissue paper poinsettias and the like crafting. Oh, and it is, but it is kid crafting. But I've been itching to do something a little more complex. You know, something family friendly, but artistically stimulating, as well.

Then, on Tuesday as I was lesson planning for 'P is for Poinsettia' day for my kids, I came across this Martha Stewart project. See link:

and I This would be a fun project--and it's pretty, too. But alas, I didn't have any wide width satin ribbon laying around and I didn't have a foam wreath form. And going to Michael's this time of year is it's own brand of cruel and unusual punishment. Then Emily posted her muslin, burlap and twine wreath yesterday and it got the wheels spinning.

We grow hops in our back yard up a large pergola, and though we pulled most of the vines down in the fall during the hops harvest, there were some vines left clinging to the frame. With a little moistening, I should be able to make a wreath, right? Right!

1. As my vines were dried out, I let them relax in the tub for awhile. Don't think I wasn't envious of them.

2. I formed the wreath and used some thin gauge copper wire to hold it together in places

3. Dry the wreath

4. Assemble supplies for making the poinsettia flowers. The pattern calls for three, even pieces of ribbon, cut the same size. Then trim to form diamonds. At the widest part of the diamond, fan fold to gather. Do this will all three pieces of ribbon, pinch in the center and wrap with think gauge wire. Fluff out. It worked really well. I didn't have satin ribbon, so I used some wire edged Christmas ribbons I had on hand--the wires from the edges worked well for gathering the flowers. I didn't have a whole lot of ribbon, so I used strips of muslin and an off-white flannel for some of the flowers and they turned out well. Then, as I couldn't find my stash of buttons, I raided the girls' bejewels to create stamen centers. I affixed the glittering gems with hotglue.

5. My pile o' flowers-- I glued these on to the wreath, again using hot glue!

6. Voila! Mission accomplished--I created something more complicated than a holiday themed paper chain. And it is now hanging on my front door! Maybe I'll hit Michael's post-Christmas mayhem and gather up some pretty satin ribbons to make the real deal for next year!

Merry Crafting!


  1. Love your wreath Michelle, it is beautiful, and I Love Love Love that all the items in your wreath you found at home.

  2. Awesome job Michelle! The wreath is amazing, way better than anything store bought for sure! Love how you used what you had on hand. It makes the project even better!

  3. So cute! I like how thin the wreath is too. Nice work!



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