Saturday, October 29, 2011

{Upcycled} T-shirt Bracelets

What to do with all those old shirts?
Make some bracelets! (and lots and lots of other things I am finding!)

This was a simple project that requires some creativity.  Don't over think it, have fun with it!
Find a old shirt you wouldn't mind wearing around your wrist.
(T-shirts with no seam down the sides do work the best.)

Lay the t-shirt flat. 

Cut about a 1 1/2" strip across the width of the shirt.

Take your strip and pull it by both ends and stretch.
Below is what the strip should now look like.

Twist and wrap the strip around your wrist to fit it.

Fun part!  Collect or find old belt buckles or other similar pieces to fashion up your bracelet.

String the strip thru the buckle.

String it thru one more time.

Put the bracelet back on your wrist and move and stretch and fiddle to finish it off.
I was left with loops on both sides.  I was able to put the loops over the buckle to secure.

There you have it.
{Upcycled} Bracelet
That shouldn't have to cost you a dime!

A few more bracelets along with flowers made out of old shirts too(that post will be coming soon!).



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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tye Dye

Tye Dye.  My seven year old has been swooning over tye dye t-shirts for so long.  When she sees one she right away tells the person she likes their shirt.  Then asks if they made it and you can see her wishing she could make one too!  I imagine my seven year with a bucket list of things she needs to do before she turns eight (really you should hear some of the things she comes up with).  Tye Dying a shirt is probably at the top of that list.

Then the other day I am out and about in blog land and came across tye dye candy corn shirts.

{The Swell Life check it out.}

I'm like, I can do that.  We were suppose to be heading down to my mom's for the long weekend.  I figure we can do it there.  Crafts are more fun with her : )
She agrees to go along (but really doesn't want to, she thinks you need to dip the shirts into the dye and that just sounds like a mess).  But you don't!

We went to Jo-Ann's and picked up the dye.  Then off to Target to pick up a pack of white undershirts.  Easy supply  list.
*Note: Pre-wash your shirts

White t-shirt, tye dye, rubber gloves and of course candy corn for inspirations.
You will want to properly prepare your work surface.  We laid out garbage bags under each shirt we did.
For the candy corn look we laid each shirt out on the counter versus twisting and using rubber bands.

Fill this bottle with water to that line (this is what you get in your dye kit).  Pretty handy.

Rubber Gloves
(Helps to have some paper towels handy to wipe the gloves off.  You will get dye on your gloves and when you switch colors you will want to clean them.)

You will want your shirt wet but not soaking wet, more like damp.

We dotted a line for the kids to go by then let them do the rest!  They thought it was cool!

One finished shirt!  We let them do their own thing.

Once done we had to let the shirts sit for 4-6 hours to let the dye set.  Then we rinsed each shirt in the sink until the water ran clear.  After that we threw them in for a quick wash in the washer.

We had 7 shirts in the pack we bought.  We also did a onesie and another white shirt the girls already had.  All with 2 bottles of dye(we could have kept on stretching the dye but we were out of shirts).  We had them do their 2nd shirt the twisting way.

The kids LOVED this project.  It was like a dream come true all for under $20!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Creating Craft {Monsters}....MUHAHAHAHAHA!

We had a fun fall get together this weekend!!!  We managed to squeeze quite a few projects into our impromptu party. 

The "big" kids made flowers out of felt wool and used old t-shirts to make more flowers and bracelets.

The young kids made owls out of pine cones and origami bats.

Then the best part {cupcakes}!  We had a small cupcake station set up for the kids.  A few even made owls out of their cupcakes! 

Owl Pine cones

Our owl family!

Collect the tops of acorns.

Find some pine cones.

Glue a pom pom to the top of the pine cone.

Glue the acorn tops to the pom pom.

Cut out small beak like and ear like triangles.  Glue in appropriate places.

An Owl 100% made by a kid!

Origami Bats

Here is the link for directions on how to make the bat.

I tried to take pictures, I tried to fold, and then I tried a different craft.  It wasn't finding my origami mojo that day.  Rest assured though the kids picked up wonderfully!!

Bat Family

Owl Cupcakes

What a fun and really quick way to spruce up some cupcakes!

Gather some oreos, candy corn, and chocolate chips (or m&ms)

The cupcakes.

Frost the cupcakes, add the other stuff, and there you have it!

An {Owl}

Love this one by Mauren.


We all enjoyed ourselves I'd say.  In between crafting stations the kids got to play outside in huge, {HUGE} leaf piles!  The "big" kids did their crafts.  We ate some sloppy joes.
Yes, it was a {GOOD} day!

**********disclaimer:  These crafts were done by kids ranging from age 4 to age 9.  They all did very well at them and seemed to enjoy themselves.**********

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Friday, October 21, 2011

DiY {Marketstand}

Now that the kids have a playroom I wanted to give them something that would be awesome fun to play with.  My kids LOVE to play act(which btw I love that they LOVE to play act!).  We have a kitchen set, it's a nice one that has held it's own over the years and the kids.  So a new kitchen didn't seem necessary.  I went down to their oh so cool playroom to watch them play and they were playing store....and I thought you know they like to play "store" a lot.  A Marketstand came to mind then.  I went to my mom and said "Hey grandma, can you get the kids a toy market stand for Christmas"?  Her response was "Can't we make one"?  Ahh ok, so the search began for DIY Marketstands.  What do you know the first hit I clicked on was a WINNER!!


And I had room to do it!!! 
With the help of my dad we got a material list made(they used shelves from ikea.  I am in the boondocks, there was no ikea trip in my near future.)
Travis looked at the list and figured what we already had in the shed.

Ooooo, it was going to happen!

Then my awesome husband was picking up some unused shelves at his friend's warehouse.  When he saw a small display shelf used(the kind you would see in a grocery store).  The light bulb went off in his head and he asked if he could have. 
He comes home and we get it assembled.

Yeah, so don't mind my awesome photo shoot of the shelf. I wasn't quite thinking there. But there it is THE shelf.

 To liven it the stand up I went thru my leftover paints and found this blue that was used in the playroom.

I also have smoe chalkboard paint from another project.  That makes the perfect sign!

I did end up painting some stripes across the top.  Seems like a market stand has to have stripes.

And there she is!

I added a few toys the kids already had, a few garden pumpkins for fun, and some metal baskets I had.  The crate is from clementines I bought last winter(which btw make great gift baskets which is why I kept it in the first place : ) 

Flour sack was an estate sale find.....50 cents I believe : )

There is more I would like to do to the stand.  Make it a little more versatile with some of the other ways the kids like to play.  They love to put on web shows  theater.  A tension rod fits perfectly up by the sign.  With {the} right curtains they could quickly change this market stand into a theater or it could be the window to their "house" or even a "computer screen" for their web show. 


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