Saturday, January 14, 2012

*Fairy Wands*

An awesome weekend craft with kids in mind....


They are super easy and fun to make. 

Supplies you are going to need are clear plastic ornament, a dowel, ribbons, glitter, sequins, fake snow......whatever else your imagination believes a fairy wand should be made of!

Of course a glue gun is handy.

To attach the dowel to the ornament I cut a hole in the metal top.  The metal is very thin and was easy to fiddle with.

When the hole was large enough to fit the dowel I glued the heck out of it.  I wasn't worried about cosmetics here.  You can cover this up with ribbon later.  I was more concerned with this holding up to a 4 year old playing fairy princesses with it and her 5 year brother playing who knows what with it.

Stuff your ornament with all that fun stuff you found.  I also added a chunk of tulle to fill it up a bit more.
Place the metal part back on the ornament and glue some more.  

Add some ribbon or you could have your kiddo color the dowel.  Whatever suits your fancy.  If you add the ribbon all the way down the dowel make sure to glue as you wrap so it stays.  

So much fun!  You will find yourself twirling the wand around saying 
{Bibbidi bobbidi boo may all your dreams and wishes come true!!!}

(note: my house is still messy)

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