Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Chicks!

A little bock-buck here. A little buckaw, there.

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With chickens so much on the forefront of daydreams, night dreams, reading time, outdoor work time at Ye Ole Casa Pierson, I was recently inspired to put some of my piñata skills to work, in miniature. I had seen this cute lil' bird on Pinterest, from the blog:

And as I am wont to do, I filed it under the 'I could make that' mental file folder. And this time, it wasn't just left in the folder. I made one. Then I made another. Then, I made a lot of little chickies as the girls were having a special friend over for a playdate and I thought it would make for a great craft! And it was!

To make my birds, I made a 'U' shape out of three strands of 22gauge wire, as that is what I had. I added some toes. I then gathered a strip or two of newsprint and loosely wrapped it around the wire armature to form the body. I used masking tape to tape the toes and help shape the body. I then used some liquid starch to paper mache some unbleached paper toweling on the the birds. Voilá. They were ready to paint or decoupage! Here are some pics to illustrate!

My first attempt.

I used magazines to decoupage the chickie-bird.

Some of the chicks pre- paper mache.

All prepped up!

Maurnie, seriously painting.

Zoe, loving craft time with friends!

Charlotte, did a nice job painting her Chicken Little.

All dressed up. I decoupaged bits and pieces of dictionary with 'Chicken' themed definitions on my bird. I also left the toesies exposed on mine.

5 little Chickens, sittin' on the wall.

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