Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A potpourri to freshen any room.

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Soon I will have an abundance of herbs.  I love to add my fresh herbs to my summer cooking.  When fall hits I will try and dry as much as I can to use for my winter cooking.  Some other ways to use these dried herbs are to make an air freshener.  It is so simple to make and no wrong way of going about it.
Grab some dried herbs you would like to smell.  Baking soda.  A pretty jar to hold the concoction, and the essential oil to go along with your herbs.

Dried herbs, baking soda, essential oils.

Mint I dried from my garden last year.

Place the herbs and baking soda in a jar.  Mix it up a bit.

Then add a few drops of essential oil.
For this I used lavender and mint.

I placed an old lid on the jar(with a few holes in it).

Ready to sit wherever I would like this fresh smell! 

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