Sunday, July 8, 2012

Birthday Bonanza... A [diy] blitz!

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It's been a hot, hot, hot summer.  That's saying something when you live in the 'Air-conditioned City'.  We've even turned on our air conditioning. Once. 

We've also been turning on the creativity.  We have a lot of trips around the sun to celebrate these long, stretched out, summery days.  With twins with summer birthdays and lots of friends with sun-drenched birthdays, I thought I'd highlight some gifts we've given and some the girls have received!

Somewhere, Over the Rainbow....

...skies are blue.  And if you dare to dream it, you can make a 'rainbow' piñata to add to the Wizard of Oz themed party you're invited to!  Here are some pictures of the piñata we made.  I used cardboard to create the form and paper-mached over the seems.  I tried to needle felt polyfil to the styrofoam I put on the clouds, but hot glue made it a little more secure.  Oh, and you know we filled this bad boy with lemon drops and skittles.  Why not, right?

What's an Oz themed party without a set of costumes for some latecommers to the Zhu-zhu pet craze? Mo & Zo just had to make a whole series of velcro-enabled costumes for one of their best buds.  We also made a witch costume, but it didn't make the picture!

Beach Bums

Summer in Duluth means hittin' the beach.  We get down to the shores of ol' Gitchagumi every single chance that comes along.  Why not, right?  For our beach lovin' friends, the girls and I put together some 'Beach Baking' kits.  When the girls were just a couple years old, they received this as a gift from a dear cousin with a creative mama.  You put together a bunch of dollar store cooking/baking items and voilá, you have a beach baking kit.  We added in a chef's hat and I made up some recipe cards (pictures of which are below) with sand inspired recipes to round out the gifts!  Super fun!

For a Cool Chick 

For a really cool chick celebrating her birthday with a chicken themed party set in her backyard coop, I made a paper-mache chicken. A little newsprint, some paper toweling, some wire and some liquid starch and you've got yourself a cute little bird for a cute, artistic chick.  Add in some paints, feathers, sparkles, jewels and sequins and it's a fun gift you can make that the recipient can embellish! 

Fort Fun

Summer days are great for spending each possible moment filling one's lungs with fresh air.  But, although it seems that February is light years away, the realist buried somewhere inside knows that less desirable conditions are due their day.  For their birthday, Mauren & Zo received a 'Fort Kit' from their friends the Gorts.  It included clothes pins, some chip clips, a skein of rope and a large vinyl tablecloth.  It has been well-used already on some cooler mornings.  It's fun for the boyscout of a dad we have in this house, too.  He loves practicing his knots!

 A box full of letters, you might like to read...

Another inspired idea the girls received was a homemade sack filled with stationery.  And not just your run o' the mill stationery.  This included note cards, envelopes, stickers and the much loved, homemade address labels with their names on them.  The girls were able to use some for their thank you cards, and they have fun playing 'post gal' on the homefront.  Such a great idea-- who doesn't love sending and receiving 'real' mail? 

A fist full of dollars? 

Chad received a duct tape wallet made by Ducti many years ago from his lil'  sis, Suzy.  When it wore out, I tried my hand at making the wallets from scratch.  I'm out of practice, but it's come to my attention that a pal o' mine's old duct tape wallet I made him several years ago is on it's last legs.  So, I tried to polish off my rusty skills to make him a new one.  Pinterest is FULL of fun ideas for duct tape accessories, many of which come with tutorials.  All the new patterns and colors of duct tape can add some flair, but for this dude, I think simple is okay.   The picture below shows the wallet I made and Chad's old, retired Ducti wallet.

And this is what we've been up to-- a whole lot of fun for some fun people!

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