Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hair! Shining, gleaming, streaming--flaxen, waxen...

Barrettes, Headbands, and Elastics, Oh My!

Mauren & Zoe with our DIY back to school project du jour!

With Kindergarten right around the corner and some school shopping money from an auntie, the girls have more hair accessories than they had a couple weeks ago.   To get the glitter and glamour under control, we looked to Pinterest for some inspiration for a DIY hair accessory organizer!  This is our result!  We had a lot of fun, used a power tool and we're happy with the result, too!

We started with some frames I'd picked up at a rummage sale years ago that had been DIYed into bulletin boards.  We removed the back on one of the frames. 

 We took some spare chicken wire and clipped it to approximate size. 

 Then we took some ribbon and hit the sewing machine.  

We folded the ribbon over on itself and sewed a seam, then repeated two more times.

Next we used the staple gun to staple multiple ribbons in a criss-crossing pattern. We then used the staple gun to staple down the chicken wire.

Following that step, we nailed some pilot holes and screwed in some cup hooks on the bottom to hang elastics and skinny hair bands.

We had to go looking for all the hair accessories next!

...and here's our finished product!  The girls can clip their barrettes to the ribbons or the chicken wire. We had a lot of girly fun on quiet time today!

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