Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Caramels Revisited: Apple Cider Edition

When life brings wonderful people into your viewfinder, people with apples, people with apple cider presses--one just needs a way to say thank-you.  We had the great fortune to press cider a week and a half ago--that cider has been enjoyed chilled, warmed with cinnamon sticks, a gallon is fermenting it's way in to a hard cider, we've used it to make a braised red cabbage. Today, I turned a little of that liquid gold into caramels.  And these little gooey gems will make such a nice little gift!

I found the recipe on Pinterest (I know, I know... people who are 'on' Pinterest never stop talking about it...that's because it's an ingenuity aggregator...what's not to love, people?).  Here is the original blog post with the recipe:

These caramels are unique.  The first flavors are a riot of 'pumpkin pie' spices going all fireworks-like in your mouth and then the backside gives you the tang of the reduced apple cider.  Delish!  For my next batch (and you'd better believe there will be a next batch) I think I'll leave out the allspice and nutmeg and just make a cinnamon/apple caramel.  I'm thinking a layer of crushed/roasted peanuts on the bottom of my pan would make a fun 'caramel apple' twist.

Below I've attached a few pictures from our cider pressing day-- Great fun was had by all and with such spectacular results!

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