Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Save those wine bottles!!!

I came across a video( Unity Stamp Co.) the other day showing how to make a beautiful winter centerpiece from empty wine bottles.

Pin ItCenterpiece I made

   After I was done watching it I thought I have to do this.  I emailed the link to my mom.  By the time I talked to her my dad was already working on building a tray!

It was a fun and easy project!

You will need:
 3 empty wine bottles
White flat spray paint
Mod podge or a spray adhesive
Epsom salt
Misc. filler, sprays, candles, etc.
Tray to hold creation

First, spray paint your the wine bottles. 
After they have dried cover the bottle with glue from the neck down.
Roll in Epsom salt.
That's it!
Well, pretty much it.  After the bottles have dried from the glue you can go crazy on making the centerpiece however you fancy.

We made two centerpieces, so six bottles.  One can of spray paint was plenty.  You also use very little Epsom salt and we used mod podge to glue it on.  

We picked up flameless candles at menards.

Wood tray my dad made from some scrap wood he had.

Epsom salt


Here is another link to the same project found on pinterest.
Cleverly Inspired Blog-Wine bottles

Monday, November 5, 2012

Upcycled/Repurposed/Pinterest/Dollar Store Vignette

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My winter vignette.  
(Don't worry the snow will be here soon enough then "winter" won't seem out of place.)

My old wreath with a few dollar store accessories and some antlers.

It's never too early to get started on handmade stuff!

Bottle Cap Ornaments

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My main craft was the bottle cap ornaments.  I found the idea on pinterest.  I would link to the source, but the picture on pinterest doesn't direct me to a website.   I winged it on directions.

I have been collecting bottle caps all summer for something like this.  The supplies I used were:
piece of wood to pound on,
pliers(handy if you can get two) 
bottle caps, 
jump rings, 
rock gems you can get at the dollar store, 
variety of papers, 
and I also had a machine that cut nice perfect circles and letters for me.

Awl, hammer, board, bottle caps, jump ring, and pliers.

 Hammer some holes on two opposite sides of the bottle cap.  Just big enough to fit the jump ring through.
With your pliers attach the jumpers.  For the inside of the bottle cap use your creativity.  

I was able to use a die cut machine to cut out my circles and letters.  Modge podge or a glue gun worked.  Adding the dollar store gems gives you a magnified look.

And who doesn't have a few buttons to spare?  

I also added a little interest by attaching a wire of beads to a jump ring on the button.  

Last year we had fun making our own ornaments for our Christmas tree.  So much so that we are doing it again this year.  Some might think its a little early to get started on Christmas but when it comes to handmade Christmas I don't think it's ever too early!

One ornament down!


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