Sunday, February 17, 2013

For the birds...

Sometimes the moms of the world get all the credit... but some of my girls' most fun crafts are ones they do with their dad.

For The Birds

A few weeks ago, in the midst of a cold spell and a bout of cabin fever, I started mining the internet in search of a Daddy Craft.  Not only do I know that my kids and my boy like to spend time together in creative pursuits, but sometimes when that happens, I can sneak in a bubble bath and read a good book.

With a recent bed-building project under his belt, Chad had some spare ends and pieces of wood.  I found a link to a nice tutorial and taking scrap wood and making them in to a birdfeeder.  Mission Accomplished:  we found our craft.  After assembling the necessary materials, they got started.


board segments (pine boards worked well)
1inch drill bit/drill
sticks (for the perch/roost)
eye hooks
Gorilla Glue
peanut butter
heavy cord for hanging

Chad began by having each girl paint their board segment the color of their choosing.  He helped them screw an eye hook in to the top after that.  They then used a 1inch drill bit to create six, 1inch cavity in the board segment.  They drilled a smaller hole to accomodate a stick segement under the six cavities to provide a perch for the birds.  Next, they wedged in the stick into the perch hole (which was brushed with a small amount of gorilla glue).  After allowing the sticks to dry, the helpers could pack the food source in the holes.  Suet would work, but for this project the girls stirred several tablespoons of cornmeal in to peanut butter and then spooned that into the holes.   It was a fun, simple project and the chickadees have already been by to check them out! Enjoy!


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