Saturday, April 20, 2013

Altered fun on homemade gifts.

Someone had a birthday and I thought hmmm what fun stuff could I whip up to give?

First, I grabbed some altoid tins I've been saving.

And grabbed my basket of oils.

Melted a few together.
(Beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and a little almond and avocado oil)

Molded the oils into the altoid tins for a fun twist on lotion bars.

The batch made a couple extra for future birthdays.

*a little note the lotion bars do get stuck in the tins because of the little edge on the rim.  If the bar can get out, a couple of times using it should solve the problem.  Or molding in something a tad smaller and placing in the tin after the bar hardens.

I then gave them to Karla who whipped out her art altering tools(modge podge and scrapbooking supplies).

Normally it would be easier to alter the tins first than mold the lotion bars, but....we were winging it!

Since the oils were out and I had that cute little altoid tin I made some lip balm.
1 part beeswax
2 parts coconut oil

Here is some other ideas you can do with altoid tins.

Second, I thought some homemade granola and crackers would be nice.
I had that part down.  I again gave Karla the mason jars to alter!  

She uses rubbing alcohol ink to paint the jars and lids.

Isn't that fun!?!

Some more scrapbooks tools.  
It's amazing all the fun non scrapbooking crafts you can do!

Jar of homemade granola.

And a jar of homemade flat bread crackers.

Check out this search for more altered jars on Pinterest.  The ideas are limitless!

Third, I saw a recipe on pinterest for some chocolate made with THREE ingredients.  I had to try it!
It's cocoa powder
coconut oil
and stevia but I used maple syrup and honey.
Since I tweaked the recipe the chocolate didn't stay very hard, so we kept it in the freezer.  The chocolate with almonds did seem to hold a little better.
Despite that little hitch, this chocolate was delicious.
Chocolate sweetened with maple syrup.

Chocolate sweetened with honey.

Pretty packaging.

Of course just not any old box would do, it too had to be altered.  The box is a tea box reused into a gift box.
All beautifully packaged!

Happy, Happy Birthday to {someone}!

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