Thursday, May 2, 2013

Capiz Capades: A DIY Chandelier Transformation

The Lesser of Two Beasts!

 We've lived in our home for six years now.  In that time, I have spent hours of my life intimidated--daunted by the lighting aisle at every home improvement store in town.  Living with an ugly chandelier is one thing...selecting something to replace it with quite another.  After finding this chandelier in the Pottery Barn catalog:

I thought I could live with this...but it's $349.  Huh.  (You can look at it here: )

Looking for a more budget friendly way to get something similar to this lead me check on the world of DIY.  I found this DIY looked like a plan!  

I painted the brass components of my chandelier a matte white.  As it was going to be covered up and the glass panels were not removable, I opted out of spray painting.  Next I used remnants of my dining room curtains to cover the glass panels.  I mod podged the fabric right on to the glass.  Then, following the tips from the above blog link, I ironed three sheets of wax paper together...even my helpers got in on this project.  I used a two inch circle punch to make my 'capiz shells'.  Next, I sewed them all together, making about 70 strands of seven 'shells'.  I used hot glue, beginning at the low, center point of the chandelier and working out, to affix the shells directly to the chandelier.  I like how the chandelier is an extension of the curtains in my dining room.... my next stop is to rid our lives of the remaining brass in the room--the curtain rods!  Here are the pictures of my transformation!

Origin of an ugly species of chandelier!
My curtains!

Panels cut out of my sheer curtain fabric.

Panels, mod podged.   

Cut out many, many circles out of the stiffened wax paper! And sew 'em up!

Next up? Painting the brass curtain rods!

I like the dots and dandelion carry over from my curtains!

With the lights on!

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