Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Big Bowls o' Basil

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This year we tried starting basil seeds indoors for transplanting purposes.  We were unsuccessful.  However, the eight-pack of starters we purchased at the farmer's market this spring have grown beautiful, bountiful and bold. We've made Caprese salads, used them on homemade pizzas, added sprigs to bouquets. We continue to top them to ensure they don't bolt--and today we harvested a very large bowl of these aromatic leaves. As our tomato plants are filled with tiny green orbs and yellow flowers with just the promise of pasta sauces to come, I went looking for good ways to preserve the basil now, in order to blend it with it's citrusy pals later. I found this website with many good, practical ways to preserve your basil:

The girls and I followed the first 'freezing solution' found on that page.  We're looking forward to the end of summer days (don't worry, we'll make sure each of them counts!)  when we add the frozen basil cubes to pasta sauce that we'll use throughout the long winter! What do you do with your garden herbs? Do share!

Apple did a nice job assisting in the washing of the basil leaves!

Then, she used the salad spinner to dry them out, counting to twenty repeatedly..though she always skips 14!

She then pulsed the leaves.
Next, she added about a tablespoon of olive oil. Glug glug. 

She also added a dash of salt. 

Because she's two, she isn't limited by society's pressures to do things in order.

Ta da!

Sunshine. Water. Greet. Repeat. And grow, lil', flowers, grow!


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