Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The making of a fairy garden...or fairy gardens!

I have been wanting to make a fairy garden for a long time.  A local nursery I like to visit has an area devoted just to fairy garden supplies.  Every time I visit I just stare, all dreamy eyed, trying to find a good reason why I need these plants.
When my youngest daughter told me she wanted a fairy garden, I thought now is the perfect time to make one.  Originally I justified the fairy garden as an early birthday present for her.  I see now that it contributed to a family activity that lasted all weekend!

Indoor Fairy Garden

For our indoor fairy garden, I found a container to plant in, potting soil, and of course "fairy" plants.

We were extremely lucky going to the nursery so close to fall when it had close out prices on just about everything.  Our fairy plants were only 50 cents a piece!!!  The beautiful conifer was 40% off.  What a deal!

Baby's tears or Angel's tears

Mazus Reptans


I'm not sure how this will do inside.  It wasn't 50 cents, but still a great price for a perennial so I picked it up.  We actually ended up just breaking off a small piece for our fairy garden while the rest went outside in my outside garden.

Cymbalaria muralis or Kenilworth Ivy

I don't know what this plant is called!!  The actual plant tag was missing.  The only tag with the plant said it was part of the fairy stream collection and liked shade.

The container we choose.

The plants situated into their new homes.  Along with some fairy size ornaments and a fairy of course!

Proud young girl with her fairy garden!

She added some more decorations(which we picked up at the local craft store for real cheap.)

The beads and the mirror are one of my favorites.
A fairy lake and beach.

"Stepping stones"

Outdoor Fairy Garden

In the meantime while we were busy with our indoor garden, an outside fairy garden was taking form.
This picture shows a clump of trees that are close to our swing set.
This is where the outdoor fairy garden is to go.

We (and by we I mean me) cleaned up around the tree and laid some landscape cloth around it.

We brought over a tub of mint I had growing in a different garden.  Then brought over rocks to go around the tree.

It truly was fun for all.  Some were more mechanical and figured out places to put fairy houses.  Others were more artistic and made the area beautiful. While others yet, just moved rocks around.

A few winters ago on a trip to Florida we collected many sea shells from the ocean.  Now we finally have a purpose for them!  Below is the start of a sea shell wind chime.

Of course, we need to add some pretty cut flowers for the fairies.

The fairy houses our mechanically inclined put up.

Seashell wind chime.

Another fairy house.

Table set up to do some handy work, and eat pudding.  

Old chandelier

What fun and imaginative!  This is just a start we are by no means finished.  I really can't wait to see how our fairy gardens evolve!

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